Led Zeppelin and Rock’n Roll Memorabilia as NFTs

by | Jun 27, 2022 | Uncategorized

As we continue to explore this emerging space, some important facts are becoming clear. As one bridges the digital and physical worlds in regards to collectibles from a collecting as well as selling standpoint it is imperative that the original item placed on the blockchain and assigned a 64 bit NFT identifier is ORIGINAL because once the item is placed on the system it is a permanent fixture assigned to the designated digital wallet.

This means the SOURCE in any collectible purchase is critical for the buyer and knowing that SOURCE has legitimacy and provenance, something we ABSOLUTELY bring to the table with our 1980 Chicago Stadium Led Zeppelin tickets, something you can explore fully in the provenance on rock-expo.com from the video to the podcast with Goldmine Magazine and the verified documentation that permeates throughout the site. We went to great expense to create this reference for your review so you can feel comfortable dealing with us and know who we are thru our documented 42 years in the business.


When we decided to sell the REMNANTS of our Led Zeppelin 1980 Chicago Stadium ticket inventory that represented the prime examples of the 80,000 ticket inventory we purchased back in 1986, we realized a key component was authenticity and provenance. We are the documented source for these tickets and when we issue our NFTs we embed a special code to forever brand that NFT as coming from us as added protection and validation of authenticity of the individual ticket or set. We will be posting updates on collectibles and NFTs as we see fit to further educate you on this exciting new tangent in collecting.