Another new twist in digital collectibles

by | Aug 7, 2022 | Uncategorized

As we have begun selling rock and memorabilia bundled NFTs it has amazed us that a huge part of the 21st century collecting “mentality” is in collecting NON PHYSICAL touch and feel items, the one of a kind blockchain supported uniquely identified digital image tokens that convey ownership of a one of a kind item to the discerning buyer.

When we began to develop an NFT related content platform as one of the targeted information streams on our Twitter platforms @metropulseusa and @mediapython we were AMAZED the the accounts that started following us commanded such robust follower counts after being formed only months ago. Many had OVER 50.000 followers in only a few short months whereas it took us years to get a fraction of that.

It is a clear indicator that collecting as we know it has grown expodentially but ironically with no collectible in hand. Here is ANOTHER EXAMPLE of a mainstream digital collectible offered