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Who does Eddie Van Halen think is the best guitar player?

Eddie Van Halen went on record numerous times saying that Allan Holdsworth was, in his humble opinion, “the best, in my book,” “the man,” and “so damned good that I can’t copy anything.” 


This isn’t very surprising when similar things have been said by other guitarists such as John McLaughlin, Shawn Lane, Eric Johnson, Pat Metheny, Robben Ford, George Benson, Greg Howe, John Scofield, Frank Zappa, Gary Moore, Carlos Santana, Frank Gambale, Alex Lifeson, Steve Morse, and so many other great players.


Allan’s music isn’t for everyone, but when so many of the best guitar players to ever live consider you the best guitar player to ever live, you definitely did something right.



Tribute to Eddie Van Halen’s Favorite Guitarist, Allan Holdsworth