Dark side of the MOONIE 😉

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Phillip CooryJun 16

What story did Noel Redding tell about The Who drummer Keith Moon?

Noel Redding, in his book with Carol Appleby, titled ‘Are You Experienced – The inside story of the Jimi Hendrix Experience’, explains:

After the gig [Madison Square Garden, May 18, 1969] I escaped to the Scene [Club] with Keith Moon and John Entwistle, where we got up to the usual excesses. Moon was always a pleasure to be around. He was crazy and spontaneous and always kept the show going.

His lifestyle is well documented, but I remember in particular one event which summed up the Moon style: drunk as usual, he fell down a set of stairs, broke a leg and ended up in a thigh-high cast. At home, he took a bath and discovered that the cast was dissolving. Attempting to get out of the tub to ring the doctor, he fell and broke the other leg. This slowed him up a bit, just a bit.