Some thoughts on the Rock-Expo coming up in Aurora on Saturday Sept 16th at the iconic Roundhouse. We have found that although people like a varied selection of vinyl records to choose from, because the make up on this Expo is leaning more toward a memorabilia tangent our record dealers have opted for a more targeted inventory approach because of the room being almost evenly divided in terms of tables. We have focused our marketing in the Beatles, classic rock magazines and concert photos and Led Zeppelin memorabilia and included the records as an important sidebar. Our dealers have a massive inventory of the rare and obscure in regards to the records so if you know what you are looking for don’t be afraid to ask because of space restraints our dealers are unable to bring their “full monty” inventories. And we are excited for the other quality memorabilia we are offering rarely seen, many of it one of a kind items. Seeing as the show is free admission, we hope to see you at the Roundhouse this Saturday Sept 16th

by | Sep 13, 2023 | Rock-Expo event alert