As purveyors of quality rock n roll memorabilia for decades , we have always been enamored of the concept of collecting and why people seek out what they do to be part of their lives.

by | Oct 7, 2023 | Collector News, Cultural impacts, Rock N Roll History, Rock n Roll memorabilia, Rock-Expo event alert

Whether it be for the memory defined as experience or the sheer joy in accumulating a collection of anything that reminds of their childhood that may have included baseball cards or comic books that becomes ingrained in their DNA. we find collectors on any level to be a most entertaining group of people.

That being said we post the following video from the National Ticket Collectors inaugural podcast recently posted. These particular collectors embrace a unique intersection of sports and political history in their collecting tangents. Seeing as we have been in the ticket business for almost half a century it amazed us to see the enthusiasm these collectors possess in researching these obscure watershed sports, political and concert events highlighted by ticket stubs of the event they eagerly seek out.

The moderator of the group Dave Youhanaie is someone we initially contacted to potentially buy a table at a convention he had scheduled in tandem on the same dates with the National Sports Collector’s convention in Rosemont the last weekend of July this year. Because his event, initially booked at the privately owned Loews hotel was in the same town as the Village owned Rosemont Convention Center where the National was held, a complaint was filed by the National that triggered a “VILLAGE” cancellation clause forcing his convention to cancel as it was perceived to be direct competition within the village borders on the same dates..

Ironically Dave hit a home run anyway by default in that demand for ticket stubs to notable sporting and other events more robust than ever at the National convention with many changing hands for thousands of dollars. As a member on his Facebook page, I know he is actively pursuing looking to do another convention and left him a message on suggesting a west surburban venue to do it at. will keep you in the loop as his plans develop.