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Michael E. Dehn’s video “The Beatles Project” describes his involvement in acquiring a selection of Beatles autographs from a dealer/FRIEND who purchased them from Brian L. Smith.


the relationship between brian l. smith and the beatles is proud to offer the Brian L. Smith collection of Beatles autographs for sale to the public. My vast expertise over the course of decades in buying and selling quality rock n’ roll memorabilia is well documented and served me well in this venture in that the procedures implemented that culminated in my firm belief that these irreplaceable one of a kind artifacts of musical history are the real deal.

After watching the video above, I wish to highlight some further points we alluded to in it but never clarified. First, the nature of this deal was I purchased the collection from a dear friend, a mentor who entrusted me with the responsibility of selling these superior specimens of pop culture. It was never offered to anyone else. The chain of custody of these pieces went from the original signer Brian Smith to Darius Transky to me.

In that vein, we selectively chose select pieces from the documented selection by virtue of chain of custody over the course of years to have professionally examined in a laboratory as an added verification by a court approved board certified forensic examiner (Not A Third Party Authenticator). The authenticators do not possess the skill set or the proper laboratory equipment to perform this task and they are not allowed to testify in open court as expert witnesses.

And, contrary to what you may or may not have read on the legitimacy of the examiner we chose to do the forensics. My research was validated by his continued and uninterrupted acceptance in the New York Federal court system as an expert witness over the course of decades. The Supreme Court mandated that expert witness testimony must be determined by training and expertise. This case from 3/23/1999 Kumbo Tire vs. Carmichael clarifies that threshold that Mr Frangipani easily fulfills in this application. The issue of Ebay blacklisting him stems from a nefarious type bootlegging his certificates and the Operation Bullpen investigation culminated in the FBI never charging him. I deep dived all of this which is why I am bringing it up now as a proactive statement of fact. Each item submitted came up A OK and certificates were issued on those individual pieces. This verified the technical aspects of the signatures in the collection defined as the date of the paper and the ink among other characteristics.

As an investigative journalist, as well as an entrepreneur and collector, my focus was to approach this venture from the ground up so to say. Like the detective that picks up a cold case, I wanted to come at this with a new set of eyes and motivate the sequence of procedure from a historical research standpoint as well as a technical standpoint before concerning myself with so called opinions on the actual signatures themselves.

We have posted the original paperwork submitted to Mr.Transky that was submitted by Mr Smith at the time of the original sale in 1985 as well as supporting documentation acquired since.

These articles and the book BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM published recently were not available in the day and add a robust level of documented clarification to the story I had already researched. They fortify the evidence that places Mr Smith in the elite circle of musician and media types that would have been in a position to circulate in circles with the Beatles and others. Being an insider myself, i have seen first hand these “connections” and how they feed on themselves and create access. In those circles everybody knows everybody and those validations and recognitions are key in acceptance.

My disdain for 3rd party authenticators is fueled by the buy, sell, trade, conflict of interest mentality they employ. This is a blatant violation of ethics in regards to true forensic examiners and in my humble opinion clouds every opinion rendered.. This practice, to me, introduces the specter of market manipulations, shill bidding and potential civil RICO fraud on a variety of levels especially when the universal acceptance of this practice is dovetailed with the actions of the auction houses in certain cases.

I wanted to give you some insight into my thought patterns and the how and why of my firm belief these signatures are authentic.


Michael E Dehn


PROVENANCE for Brian Smith, Darius Transky and Carl Perkins

As I considered the added documentation that I unearthed after the fact of the original 1985 provenance submitted to Mr. Transky assuaging my concerns regarding the enduring relationship the individual living Beatles continued to have with Carl Perkins and by extension Brian Smith (there were signatures in collection purchased from Paul McCartney from the 1980s),

I found an article in the respected UK magazine Vintage Rock that chronicled Brian Smith in the Carl Perkins UK Fan Club in a most in depth article as well as various videos showcasing individual Beatles supporting Carl Perkins at various events well into the 1980s.

I contacted the magazine directly and the editor was most gracious in forwarding my inquiry to Mr. Smith who respectfully quickly replied. These emails and the link to the 2022 Vintage Rock article as well as other misc. documentation describing Carl Perkins and his musical pedigree are shown in detail below.


BRIAN SMITH was born in June 1943 and raised in Manchester, England. His musical interests were awakened by rock n’ roll.

Elvis, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Duane Eddy – and through them he came to blues and folk music, mostly heard through Radio Luxembourg and AFN from Germany. Brian started taking photos at live shows in 1962 with an old Ilford Sportsman camera and gradually gained access to the big venues and small clubs in Manchester.

Never going “professional” nevertheless some of his first photos appearing in “RnB Scene” magazine in 1964 where he remained their official photographer throughout the magazine’s life – and even made it to the front cover on one occasion.

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I have enclosed a brief Curriculum Vitae submitted to me by my friend Darius Transky who sold me the collection we are offering.

It chronicles some of his ventures in “the industry’ and verifies his experience in the Beatles world by virtue of his relationship with the John Lennon estate among other memorabilia forays made over the years.

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The Carl Perkins saga is well documented in the history of Rock N’ Roll from the beginning. We have attempted to chronicle some of this amazing journey here as a tribute to the legend the Beatles so admired and supported for decades after the band broke up.

Each living Beatle demonstrated publicly their support as highlighted here and reference material on Mr Perkins is easily accessible on the Internet.

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Below I have included documentation (within the links below) on the continuing relationship and support the Beatles, individually, have extended to their hero, Carl Perkins. This relationship continued in the decades after the breakup of the Beatles. I have recently discovered that the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame has displayed a letter/telegram that Carl Perkins sent the Beatles asking to cover some of his musical compositions.

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