Below you will find guidelines for the pieces offered on this site as well as a little background to who we are. 

Having been in business for decades and based in Illinois we are now offering full disclosure of the site including the forensic history of our ads going back decades, official verification of our business legal standing with the state of Illinois, and comprehensive background on our President/CEO Michael E. Dehn.

There are no payment portals on this site for security purposes. All sales are by phone-only which will guarantee that our customers fully understand our procedures and disclaimer before ordering. Payment is accepted using wire transfer bank to bank. The procedures, as well as individualized shipping arrangements, will be explained when the sale is finalized.

We encourage you to call Michael E. Dehn at (312) 520-0204 if you have any questions or interest in any of the one of a kind items. We are always happy to work with you. 

Metro Pulse, Inc. thru it’s subsidiary ROCK-EXPO.com verifies the purchased autograph was signed by the celebrity whose signature(s) it displays. After an extensive scientific forensic examination it is our professional opinion that the autographed item is authentic, based on genuine known exemplars for the purchased signature as attested to by forensic document examination by a licensed board certified court approved forensic document examiner.

ALL ITEMS we guarantee as authentic to the ORIGINAL PURCHASER upon receipt.

Should there be a question of authenticity BY THE ORIGINAL PURCHASER (defined as person who signature appears on wire transfer), a full refund of the purchase price will be considered for review upon receipt of a letter or certification in writingfrom a DOCUMENTED professional document examiner who is licensed, board certified, a COURT ACKNOWLEDGED EXPERT WITNESS, skilled in forensic document examination, handwriting identification, document dating, type comparison, alteration detection, ink analysis, and detection of fabricated photocopies. In this case, we reserve the right to bring in a second opinion from an independent court approved,board certified forensic document examiner as this is purchaser’s sole remedy of claim.


We are setting up a direct phone approval system that allows for no sensitive account information to be put online. Calls for acceptance and approval and notification of pertinent bank account information can be made by calling Michael E. Dehn at (312) 520-0204.


Allow for 24 hours for transfer payment to clear, unless weekend in which case Monday andshipping arrival times are dependent on location. International orders handled individually if applicable. We reserve the right to refuse orders at our sole discretion. We also repeat the fact that we insist you read our disclaimer and terms before you buy.

Thank you for your interest in ROCK-EXPO.com

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