Rolling Stones


Includes forensic examination certificate of signature verification

Signed by original band in ball point in proximity to cover photos on LP. Signature includes the late great Brian Jones, who sadly tragically passed away on 7/3/1969. Includes forensic examination certificate of signature verification.

A vintage piece of rock ‘n roll history. As many believe the delicate musicianship of Brian Jones in the ABKCO era of the Stones, which is defined as all the albums released thru Beggars Banquet in 1968, was never replicated.

The Lady Jane type sounds, the sitar and dulcimer overtones that defined a softer musical touch in the parameters of the Blues the Stones loved so much (and still do) all thru out the 60’s was gone forever after Jones passed. We agree as although the Stones have been prolific in their musical output in the 50 plus years since the death of Brian Jones (except for a dry spell in mid 80s), his is a legend that will never die in the pantheon of Rock ‘N Roll history.

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