Verification of Business/Corporation Status


Hello, I am Michael E. Dehn, President and CEO of Metro Pulse, Inc. celebrating its 42nd year in business on May 1, 2022.

This Guinness World Record certificate (pictured) describes one of my many entrepreneurial pursuits. This one concluded in 2017, after 30 years, by selling the remaining ticket inventory,  associated domain names and social media accounts. Guinness World Records, in their infinite wisdom, decided the sale was NOT worthy of a companion award as stipulated in the accompanying sales contract (also pictured).

One would think that would signal the end of my involvement in the Led Zeppelin ticket project. However, being trained to recognize opportunity and the emerging technology around Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs), I still possess rare one-of-a-kind “remnants” of my history with these tickets.

Bundled NFTs are described as selling the actual physical item in tandem with the digital one of a kind “token” that confers ownership of the image to the buyer.

I cover emerging technology, NFTs and more with my media properties on and via Twitter: @metropulseUSA & @mediapython.

I had always thought “my story”, on the trials and tribulations of THE 30 YEAR PROCESS of selling them and my beating cancer, and lessons learned in life and business, should be told and as I recognized how this all could be manifested thru NFTs offered here.


Watch the history video of
“The Concert That Was Not To Be”

Narrated by Michael E. Dehn.


Extremely rare, historical and vintage pieces collected over 30 years and sold as BUNDLED NFT.

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