This is the concert schedule for the remaining dates at the iconic Red Rocks outdoor amphitheatre outside Denver Colorado. What is striking to us reading this promoted list is the amount of bands WE HAVE NEVER HEARD OF. It certainly amplifies the musical “disconnect” between the generations and the chasm that exists in the streaming world in regards to how people “consume” their musical content. If one does not know about these “new era” bands then how does one get exposed to them? Remember over 100,000 songs A DAY are submitted to Spotify alone globally totally overwhelming the system and creating an intractable bottleneck that crowds out even the most worthy of bands crushed in the volume of options available. Gone are the days of targeted terrestial radio airplay that “broke” key new tracks from upcoming LPs that began the cycle of replay that built artists . It is truly a brave new world in music promotion and consumption.

by | Jul 28, 2023 | Cultural impacts, General interest Rock N Roll news, Music industry news, New music, New music releases