State of the Music Streaming business revealed

by | Aug 9, 2023 | Collector News, Cultural impacts, Music industry news, New music, New music releases, Rock-Expo event alert

We have been in the music industry wearing many different hats for over 50 years. We have experienced the changes in how music fans consume their music from 45s to LPs to 8 tracks to cassettes to CDs and now streaming. In those times of disruption when the formats dramatically changed there always seemed to be a purist faction that steadfastly clung to the previous format.

But when CDs came on around 1984, that particular format had the biggest impact in rendering obsolete what came before it. But in an astounding development the one format that came roaring back was vinyl. This as streaming technology became ubitiquous and the tech that accompanied it.

As promoters of community based Rock Expos (our next being 9/16 at the Roundhouse in Aurora Illinois) we have gravitated toward bringing in record dealers as the primary focus, with a subsidiary CD/DVD access. But when we read the accompanying article on the explosive growth of streaming services we truly wonder how long the vinyl craze will last?