As we gear up to promote our next Rock-Expo in Aurora Illinois on Sept 16th you will note we are moving into a more memorabilia based mix of dealers with a vinyl record anchor component.

by | Sep 2, 2023 | Collector News, Cultural impacts, General interest Rock N Roll news, Rock-Expo event alert

We are including this insightful video on ticket collecting because of our involvement in the Led Zeppelin ticket project which has garnered me some notoriety of late and our history in the ticket business over the last 45 years which spawned an abiding interest in the collecting of all types of tickets.

The featured guest on the outstanding Talking Tickets podcast with Mike and Shaun posted here was one Darren Rovell who is known in ticket collecting circles as the GOAT. His insight on all facets of collecting in this genre is fascinating as it intersects pop culture, history and sporting events. We are hoping to get a sophisicated ticket collector on board as a dealer but still in limbo at this point.