Rock-Expo dealer alert for our Expo at the iconic Roundhouse in beautiful downtown Aurora tomorrow Saturday Sept 16th #2 Ken Voss the highly respected media veteran , historian and archivist

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And to continue our our advance promos on our Rock Expo at the iconic Roundhouse for tomorrow Saturday Sept 16th we are proud to present the esteemed Ken Voss . Mr. Voss has been a stalwart in the Illinois music scene since the 1970s when he founded the Rolling Stone of Illinois The Illinois Entertainer in the 1970s. Expounding upon that he formed the Jimi Hendrix Management Institute in 1985 to celebrate the legend of Jimi. He will be bringing outstanding collectibles from his storied history in the industry including some Jimi Hendrix HUGE very rare subway posters that he was excited to find. His items will be truly one of a kind and we are excited to offer them at our Expo. His bio is below.. And remember he also is the purveyor of the uber informative Illinois Music Archives on Facebook which taps into his vast knowledge of the music history of our state.

The Illinois Entertainer will turn 50 years old next year. It is said to be the oldest regional music publication still in print. Come to Rock-Expo and meet the original publisher Ken Voss. The Illinois Entertainer has been recognized as “arguably the strongest regional among the coutnry’s music publications,” by the Chicago Sun-Times. It’s often been referred to as the Rolling Stone of Chicago. He’ll bring original copies from the archives for display. Maybe your band, or one of your favorite bands was in it. He says he’ll have copies of original issues for sale at the event.

Jimi Hendrix would have turned 81 this year. Sadly, we lost him over 50 years ago. With him having passed away on September 18, it seems fitting to have a display of some Hendrix artifacts courtesy the Jimi Hendrix Information Management Institute. Founder Ken Voss will be on hand at the Rock-Expo to discuss Hendrix history and have memorabilia from the archives available. Voss started the Jimi Hendrix Information Management Institute (JIMI) in 1985 with the purpose of documenting the history of the legend and the legacy of Jimi Hendrix which he shares on the Facebook page If you have any questions about Jimi Hendrix, he’ll be happy to answer.